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Angling Pursuits on the Fly on Southwest Michigan's Finest Waters

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The St. Joseph, Grand and Kalamazoo Rivers of Southwest Michigan are home to World Class Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike fisheries, and can provide some of the finest angling you will ever experience. An anglers dream, Smallmouth are pound for pound the hardest fighting fish you will ever encounter in the Great Lakes Region. Aggressive, abundant and very acrobatic once hooked, Smallies just might be the ultimate freshwater gamefish to pursue on the fly. Northern Pike also known as the "Water Wolf" are second to none in terms of violently striking a fly and once hooked put on a display of power only a fish with such a nickname could endure! Smallmouth Bass reaching 24" and Northern Pike exceeding 40" in length are caught annually on the rivers and lakes of Southwest Michigan. Each and every time out on the water you have a shot at hooking a true trophy caliber fish.

Both species are also native to the region which makes them very special to me. Unlike many other species of game fish targeted in Southwest Michigan, Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike evolved here and are self sustaining natural resources. Thanks to their aggressive nature, they lend themselves to a wide variety of angling techniques and are noted for their willingness to take flies on or near the surface, making for a very visual experience. Few things in life will get your heart going like a Smallmouth Bass or Northern Pike hammering a fly off the surface or the arm wrenching strikes when taking a streamer on a tight line. If you are looking for the freshwater angling experience of a lifetime, look no further than Southwest Michigan and its wild natives...
Peak Seasons: Northern Pike - May through March / Smallmouth Bass - April through October

One or Two Anglers Per Trip / Weekday Evening Trip $250.00 / Full Day Trip $375.00
Although not native to Southwest Michigan, steelhead have been stocked in Michigan waters since the early 1900's. The St. Joseph River may be the most heavily stocked watershed in the Great Lakes region thanks to a cooperative management plan between the states of Indiana and Michigan. Both states stock the river with Winter run steelhead and Indiana stocks the river with Summer steelhead. Thanks to a large number of cold tributaries, the Joe also receives a good number of wild steelhead ascending its flows every year. As you can imagine, this makes for quite the steelhead fishery and is very unique in the fact we have steelhead present in the system year-round. I specialize in swinging streamers on double handed fly rods or stripping streamers on singe hand fly rods for these majestic creatures of the West. If you would like to inquire about booking one of these trips, please drop me a line...

Peak Season: October through April / One or Two Angler's Per Trip / $375.00 - $475.00

Wild & Scenic Nature Tours

Much more than just a boat ride down a secluded stretch of river or a hike through a desolate woods, my guided nature tours bring you closer to nature than you have ever been before! Whether you just want a relaxing scenic float down the river, to see your first Bald Eagle in the wild or to simply admire the foliage on a rarely seen island, I have got you covered! We truly are blessed with some very wild places in Southwest Michigan, they just take a little work, local knowledge and crafty maneuvering with a custom jet drive river boat to get to! I can safely fit three adults or two adults with two children in my boat so these adventures are perfect for the whole Family! The sky is the limit with these tours, custom grilled shore lunches or dinners are available as well!

Year-Round / One to Three Adults or Two Adults and Two Children / $200.00